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Meditation can make a difference in your life. As our lives are filled with stress, we can turn to meditation for a moment to re-clear the mind and enter into the peaceful mind.
Why do we need meditation? The world is full of worries and frustrations. Negative energies are all around us, especially news stories on television, newspapers, and magazines, which can penetrate into our subconscious. Meditation can bring us to a place of peace within the mind, and fulfill the soul’s hunger for peace.

When we meditate, we need to calm down and empty the minds of sexta to let go of a little soul to reach a level of peace.
But actually, what is meditation? Meditation is a way of communicating with the universe. Is meditation the same as praying? In many people may be yes, while in others meditation is only a step to find peace in the soul. But of course meditation and prayer are not unrelated. How to meditate can vary depending on the habits of each individual? In this article you will be presented with a meditation example that you may follow if you are just trying to meditate.

Make a schedule when you will meditate. Maybe you can start with 5 minutes of meditation in the morning before you start a work. Prepare everything the afternoon before so that when you start meditating in the morning, your mind is not preoccupied with any work preparation.¬†You can prepare scented candles (can be bought at the store), shellfish, and incense / ‘hio’ perfume / aroma.Prepare yourself, relax and calm down. Light your candles and incense / hio. Take a deep breath and let the fresh air penetrate into your soul. Breathe all your negative thoughts and anxieties. Look at the shells and imagine yourself relaxing and calm on the beach, by the sea. You are like a kid running free, happy, playing off at the beach. Keep your eyes open and your mind focused on the burning candles and shells. If your eyes are closed, you may fall asleep again. As your mind moves into the realms of meditation, your brain will move from alpha waves to beta waves, which is the beginning of the relaxation process.What are you looking for from the universe this morning? You can start with all the blessings, start a new day, and embrace all the positive aspects of the universe, LOVE, PEACE, WISDOM, PLEASURE, FORGIVENING. Incense / perfumed hio provides a symbol of purification when you inhale the positive breath that permeates the body and secretes negative energy. Shells help you to guide your mind as a child to a beautiful and peaceful place on the shores of the seashore and the lake. The lighted candle reminds us that is part of nature and to lovers of the universe. You can meditate in any position that makes you relax, but it is advisable not to lie down because it will make you fall asleep. Let you breathe regularly, slowly, and relax – attract positive energy and exhale negative energy -. Exhale your worries and fears. Feel yourself united with the universe and relax. You can feel that your day will be more comfortable to enjoy.